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Development Program Services

Development Program Review

A Development Program Review analyzes your organization’s development program from a best-practices perspective, and provides recommendations to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall fund raising program. FRCI consultants meet with key staff, board members and donors to analyze fund raising practices, programming, policies, strategies and structure, and will prepare an in-depth written report for your board of directors and executive staff with a series of recommendations, including practical and specific steps, to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s development program. A Development Program Review normally takes four to six weeks to complete.

Development Counsel

Development Counsel offers regular professional support and advice to assist organizations in expanding and maximizing their fund raising efforts, with FRCI consultants serving as an extension of your board and staff. This service includes the following:

  • Providing on-call access for board or staff members via phone or email to answer strategic and tactical questions. 
  • Preparing key staff and volunteers for solicitations. 
  • Attending staff, board or committee meetings, when needed.
  • Training staff and volunteers who play key roles in your fund raising operation.
  • Helping to develop individual strategies for major prospects.
  • Planning for, and addressing, issues surrounding transition of key staff involved in fund raising efforts.
  • Analyzing and developing board and development committee agendas to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Helping to create, monitor and evaluate your organization’s annual development plan.
  • Creating or reviewing your organization’s prospect management system.
  • Analyzing and developing your organization’s donor cultivation and stewardship program. 

Planned Giving Counsel

Planned giving is one of the most effective ways to build an endowment and to provide for the financial stability of an organization. FRCI’s planned giving service involves two key aspects:

FRCI can facilitate focus groups, and design and develop targeted marketing plans to educate your organization’s leading givers about planned giving and how it can benefit both donors and your organization. A multi-tiered program may include creating printed materials, articles, brochures or direct mail pieces. FRCI’s presentations are oriented to several types of groups: Boards of Directors; Executive Staffs; Donor Prospects, Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance and Investment Advisors, and Development Professionals.

Technical Counsel
FRCI provides up-to-date expert technical advice to donors, development professional and local counsel regarding the opportunities created by tax and estate planning laws.

Proposal Writing

FRCI can organize or fine-tune your organization’s proposal writing program. We can prepare a general proposal template, which an organization can modify as needed, write proposals on a short-term basis during times of staff transition, or coordinate and manage all of your organization’s proposal writing needs.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment helps organizations identify and articulate their priorities for fundraising. This document becomes one of the most important pieces of an organization’s campaign planning or management documents. FRCI will consider your organization’s current needs and opportunities, look at the scope of new opportunities for which money needs to be raised, and craft and refine brief definitions of each project.

Feasibility Studies

FRCI will conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential for success of a capital or major gifts campaign. The most important goal of a feasibility study is to cultivate the interest of key donors and leaders for a proposed campaign. FRCI will design and conduct a series of interviews to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the likelihood of success of a proposed campaign. A feasibility study will assess the following:

  • Your organization’s readiness to undertake a campaign.
  • The community’s perceptions about your organization.
  • The general appeal of your organization’s programs.
  • The general philanthropic environment.
  • The availability of volunteer leadership.
  • The likelihood of potential donors to support your organization’s campaign. 

Interim Staffing

FRCI can provide interim staff for Executive Director or Development Director positions. We have access to a small network of qualified nonprofit executives who can fulfill assignments lasting from 3-6 months during which time your organization is conducting a search. These individuals are qualified to ensure that your organization does not lose ground during times of staff transition.