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Utah Nonprofit Information Services (UNIS)

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Utah Nonprofit Information Services (UNIS)

FRCI introduced Utah Nonprofit Information Services (UNIS) to the nonprofit community in June, 2007.† UNIS was created to provide, in an efficient and low-cost manner, donor research, prospect information, development tools, and administrative services to Utahís nonprofit community.

Accessing the services and information of UNIS ensures that:

  • Your busy staff doesnít spend valuable time conducting basic informational research on more than 600 of Utahís corporate and foundation donors;
  • Your organizationís key staff and volunteers have available, in one location, detailed and updated information on Utahís many corporate and foundation donors. No other existing publication or on-line service offers the extensive details and up-to-date information available through UNIS;
  • Your organizationís key staff and volunteers wonít miss upcoming important submission deadlines for many of Utahís most generous donors;
  • Your organization has the opportunity to have an outside expert review your funding proposals, prior to submission, to ensure your organization maximizes its opportunity for funding through the most powerfully written proposals;
  • Your staff and volunteers have useful documents and tools to assist in developing strategies for existing and potential donors;
  • Your organization is able to communicate its news and important announcements to Utahís multiple media outlets with ease;
  • Your organizationís volunteer and staff leadership has the opportunity to hear from some of Utahís fund raising experts and donors, in intimate settings, to learn the latest ideas, trends, and suggestions for improving your organizationís development program.

What do users say about UNIS?

Weíve been delighted with the UNIS database.† It has paid for itself many times over last year, bringing in thousands of dollars in brand new grants.
? Sam Stephens, Vice President of External Relations, Volunteers of America, Utah

UNIS has been one of our best investments.† It has helped us reconstruct our grant proposal cycle to help us balance and adjust the flow of income to meet our program needs.
-Stephanie Steele, Executive Director, The Sharing Place

I am a huge fan of UNIS!† The list of foundations and corporations is much more extensive and relevant than any other I've had access to, and the information in each listing is kept current and complete.† Also very helpful is the monthly email sent to all UNIS subscribers, which provides a list of funders with proposal deadlines coming up in the next thee months.† Thjis provides an excellent way to ensure that we won't miss any deadlines.
- Mindy Ault, Former Grants Coordinator, The Road Home

I'm thrilled with our purchase of UNIS.† Within minutes of first logging on, I identified several potential funding sources who are interested in the kind of work we do - many of whom are well beyond the list of "usual suspects" on everybody's radar.† We even discovered that one of our former board members had a private foundation that we didn't even know about!† The exhaustive giving history enables us to correctly target our asks for the right amoutn, and we are using the lists of directors and contacts with our volunteers to find connections.† It's wonderful to have all this powerful information in a single place, at my fingertips whenever I need it.
-Jeff Driggs, Director of Development, University of Utah College of Science; 2006-08 President, Utah Society of Fund Raisers

Client Pricing

UNIS is available to individual nonprofit organizations or to individual entities within umbrella organizations or educational institutions. Pricing levels for umbrella or educational institutions will be based on the number of represented entities and may be negotiated by contacting FRCI.

Standard Package: $600 per year

  • Foundation and Corporation Profiles and Strategy Worksheets: UNIS clients will have on-line, password protected, access to more than 600 foundation and corporation profiles for three representatives from your organization. These might include the Executive Director, Development Director, and a key board member involved in your fund raising program. These profiles are being continuously updated with the latest contact and financial information and insights into how best to make approaches for financial support. These profiles also include simple, easy-to-use, strategy worksheets which can be printed for use in your staff or committee meetings.
  • Electronic Notification of Approaching Proposal Deadlines: Many of Utahís most generous corporations and foundations have critical proposal submission deadlines which many nonprofit organizations do not track on a regular basis. Deadlines may be missed during times of staff transition or when organizations are working to grow their funding base. FRCI will track submission deadlines and electronically notify your organization.
  • 5% Reduction for Other Selected FRCI Services: Clients will receive a 5% reduction in the following FRCI services: Development Program Review and Plan; Development Counsel; Campaign Readiness Assessment and Plan; Campaign Counsel; Executive Search; Career Counseling; Solicitation Coaching; Board Facilitation and Retreats; Needs Assessments; Feasibility Studies; and Proposal Writing.

Premium Package: $1,000 per year

  • All Basic Package Services: Premium clients receive all standard package services as well as the following:
  • Review of Five of Your Organizationís Proposals Prior to Submission: An FRCI principal will review five of your organizationís foundation or corporate funding proposals, prior to submission, and offer feedback and suggestions to ensure your proposal is powerful, appropriate and accurate in order to increase the chances of funding.
  • Special Invitations to Attend UNIS Client Training Sessions: UNIS clients will also receive exclusive invitations to attend FRCI-sponsored training sessions throughout the year. These programs, specifically designed for your Executive Director/CEO, Development Director and Board members, will feature some of Utahís fund raising leaders discussing such subjects as The Board-Staff Development Team, Building a Fund Raising Board, Creating a Simple Planned Giving Program, Scripting the Ask, and Proposal Writing: Using Words to Convey Your Case for Support. Attendance at these sessions will be limited to ensure an intimate, seminar experience.
  • Exclusive Invitations to Attend Special Donor Sessions: Premium clients will receive special invitations to participate in periodic sessions throughout the year with local donors and corporate and foundation representatives. These intimate sessions will offer you the opportunity to hear first hand, from some of Utahís leading philanthropic leaders, tips and suggestions for improving your fund raising efforts.
  • 10% Reduction for Other Selected FRCI Services: Clients will receive a 10% reduction in the following FRCI services: Development Program Review and Plan; Development Counsel; Campaign Readiness Assessment and Plan; Campaign Counsel; Executive Search; Career Counseling; Solicitation Coaching; Board Facilitation and Retreats; Needs Assessments; Feasibility Studies; and Proposal Writing.

Special Discount for Members of the Utah Nonprofits Association

FRCI is pleased to partner with the Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA) to offer a discount for UNA members. †UNA members qualify for a 10% discount, for a savings of $60, off of the annual subscription price for a standard package.† Premium package subscribers will save 25%, or $250.00, off of the annual subscription price.

Organizations who have qualified for any others discounts or special promotional fees are not eligible to receive this additional UNA member discount.

Arrange for an On-Site UNIS Demonstration

FRCI will come to your office and provide an on-site demonstration of this important new fund raising tool. To arrange for a demonstration, please contact FRCI or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Take UNIS for a Free One-Hour Test Drive

You are invited to experience UNIS yourself by taking it for a free one-hour test drive.† Please click here, Take UNIS for a free one-hour test drive, or on the link located on the side bar of the home page, to see if UNIS is right for your organization.

Subscribe to UNIS

To subscribe to UNIS, please click here,† Subscribe to UNIS , or on the link located on the side bar of the home page.† You will be given the opportunity to either be billed, or to pay by credit card.† Either way, once you have submitted the subscription form, you wil have access to the UNIS information and tools within minutes.