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Fund Raising Counsel, Inc.
Historic Judge Building
8 East Broadway, Suite #410
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Phone: 801.363.6515


Fund Raising: A Science, an Art, and a Business

  • Featured Client: The Work Activity Center
    Work Activity Center

    The Work Activity Center, founded in 1958, is one of Utah's most vibrant work and training alternatives, providing an invaluable resource for over 250 participants and their families.

    The Center helps people with disabilities become more active and independent members of the community.


Fund raising is a science, an art and a business. With more than twenty-five years experience serving the nonprofit and higher education communities, Fund Raising Counsel, Inc. is the oldest full-service consulting firm in the Intermountain West.

Fund Raising Counsel, Inc. believes in the power of its clients to impact the world. The science of fund raising lies in planning and implementing specific and proven processes; the art of fund raising is in tailoring the process to meet the specific and unique needs of each organization. And the business of fund raising means that FRCI understands its clients’ programs are successful only when money is raised.


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  • Wild Horses of America Foundation Joins FRCI Client Family

    May, 2014: FRCI is pleased to welcome the Wild Horses of America Foundation to its family of clients. The Foundation is committed to identifying long-term solutions for the care and support of wild...

  • Utah Festival Opera Joins FRCI Client Family

    February, 2014: FRCI welcomes the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre to its client family. The UFO offers  five-week fes...

  • FRCI Welcomes Salt Lake City Mission to Family of Clients

    October, 2013: FRCI welcomes the Salt Lake City Mission to its client family. The Salt Lake City Mission seeks to serve the h...